Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Type of information a credit report includes:

Credits reports generally include the basic information that is necessary for identifying you – these include your name, your address as well as the place where you are working. If your name has been wrongly spelt in any previous reports, then the same is also likely to be included along with all your previous employment history and changes in addresses that may have taken place. In case of the above-mentioned scenario, the same might have occurred due to wrong information that some businesses might have passed on, which is acceptable. 
But the scenario that is not acceptable is if the name has been intentionally wrongly spelt by someone to make use of your identity for some dubious means, then it is a pure case of identity theft. The credit report has all the detailed information on the loans and credit cards that you have. There are various sites that you can access for a free credit reports and you can get your free credit score from the same. 
Information included in relation to your credit cards would be balance in your account, the credit limit you are entitled to, the type of account you hold along with its status and your payment making history are included within the free credit report gov. If you have some ongoing loans with banks or other financial institutions, information included regarding the same will be the loan balance, the original amount that had been sanctioned and also the payment history of your. All this is tallied up and a score is provided, which confirms your credit worthiness. 

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